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Every business has a unique need. It’s important for you to periodically check in with someone who is exposed to various industries so that you can benefit from solutions that are effective and sustainable.


As a consultant, my responsibility is to listen to my client, research and propose realistic solutions that can be measured.

Before any work engagement, a clear quote will be provided and the job will be done within the scope of the quote.


Results come in various shapes. For some companies, it’s a straightforward monetized success, for others it’s the restructuring and repurposing of resources. For others, it’s launching a new product. To evaluate success, it’s important to quantify and qualify it at the beginning of our relationship.


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Working without a plan is like driving aimlessly. It can be fun, but not always productive.
I work with my clients to help them develop strategic plans with clear action items tied to a timeline and resources.


There are so many ways to achieve your goals. Finding the right strategy can save you time and money. Not every resource or strategy is the appropriate one for your business.


Clients that engage planning and strategy services could be at a fork in the road and trying to make important decisions as to the future of their company. Some clients are diversifying their product line, others are expanding into new product categories or new markets.


Within the planning and strategy services, I provide a variety of services:

  • Development of strategy before launching into new markets
  • Creating synergy initiatives and new partnerships
  • Creating a business plan for the initiation of a new company
  • Due diligence in the scaling up or down process
  • Restructuring the workflow to ensure an efficient process




Marketing can be one of the least understood aspects of a business. Many businesses know that they should have a marketing plan and budget, but most initiatives are a cut and paste of the previous year along with a standard budget increase or decrease.


It’s imperative that the time and money spent on marketing is part of your strategic game plan and not an independent part of your business.


If you are trying to increase sales of a specific product or service category, it’s very important that your marketing initiatives are tied to those priorities. My expertise in marketing include the development of a strategic marketing plan. Every marketing initiative implemented is evaluated so that the business owner can decide to scale the initiative up or down.


There are a myriad of marketing options available and while it’s tempting to try them all, using marketing tools inefficiently is a waste of your company’s time and money.


Current projects include:

  • Developing Strategic plans
  • Creating an annual marketing plan
  • Developing strategic partnerhips
  • Website development
  • Online marketing initiatives
  • Creating branding standards
  • Setting up a public relations protocol





I am a strong believer that people make the company. Over the years, I have interviewed and hired many staff for my clients. The positions I hired for were marketing executives, managers and administrative staff members.


Before hiring a staff member, its very important that you know what you are looking for. I hire for attitude and aptitude. I look for people who have a good attitute and the aptitute to learn anything that is given to them.


My clients are businesses based in the USA, Mexico, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.


I have a large newtork of contacts with business associations, volunteer groups and universities. I have been able to succesfully fill positions for my clients. Most of the positions have been filled within one month.


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