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I have 15 years of business experience, my last corporate position was VP of Mktg. & Bus Dev of a Multi-million dollar corporation in CA. I’ve had my own practice since 2012 and have been busy with clients since. I’ve worked in various industries, from Restaurant groups, Golf resorts, Tourism, Spirits brands and the Sports Industry. I studied International Business for my undergraduate degree and Marketing for my MBA. I also taught marketing and business courses.



I have had the opportunity to live in the United States, Egypt, Turkey, France and Spain. I love traveling and learning languages. I speak English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic.



What to look for in a consultant
When you hire a consultant make sure that you are hiring someone who understands your business and has had success in a similar business environment. The job of a consultant is to provide sustainable and scalable solutions and to make your workload easier. It’s imperative that your consultant communicates clearly, documents their work for your reference and works well with your exisiting team.